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Cut the crap

Just do it.

When we help companies starting working with sustainability, they have often heard about lengthy phases of analyses, risk assessments and stakeholder engagement, taking an large amount of resources and time that SMEs don't have.

These analyses and this engagement are of great value, but luckily larger companies have already done them, and smaller companies can kick-start their sustainability work without getting lost in process and paper, by focusing on the topics that everyone else in their industry has defined as relevant.

So if you are a fashion company you get far by:

making sure you don't produce more than you sell,

converting your materials to documented more sustainable ones,

understanding and reducing the emissions of all your business activities,

conducting solid social due diligence in your supply chain covering your direct suppliers and their sub-suppliers,

ensuring good chemical management at all levels of production and

treating your employees well.

And don't forget to produce clothes that customers will wear more than 100 times.



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