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The power of engaging employees on sustainability

Is it impactful to sort the trash in the cantine?

We love doing sustainability strategies. We love prioritising and focusing on what really makes a difference. We take pride in not spending our time on sustainability fads that may be less relevant in terms of impact. We work fast when we develop strategies with management, boards and a small sustainability team. But do we have impact? Do we make a real difference?

“But do we have impact? Do we make a real difference?"

We only have lasting impact when we get out in the organisation: When employees are interested and committed to sustainability and when they integrate sustainability in their daily work. And integrating sustainability in daily work may not start with what is most impactful, but with what is most motivating.

Recently we conducted workshops and had projects about employee involvement. When we involve employees and they can decide the topic it is.. No, you probably did not guess it.

“It is diversity”

It is diversity. Diversity among employees. Diversity in consumer communication.

We are for diversity and it is an important topic, BUT if you are a fashion company working with suppliers in Asia, that in the worst case work with forced labour and in the best case pay a minimum wage combined with excessive overtime and still contribute to pollution outside the planetary boundaries, why do you then want to work with diversity? For a long time we tried to push for materiality defined as impact, but we are getting wiser. There is so much energy coming out of diversity that the rest follows.



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